The Ultimate Business Collaborator&
The Ultimate Business Collaborator&
The Ultimate Business Collaborator&

The Ultimate Business Collaborator's Guide

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Build relationships, exchange services, and save money while scaling your business to 6 figures.

Business collaborations are one of the best ways to reach your goals without spending too much money. And this guide will help you get a foundational understanding of how business collaborations work and how you will leverage it to save money on skyrocketing your business. 

We are sharing with you our personal experience on how we saved our brand almost $48K in 2019 alone through business collaborations. And everything will be included in this printable guide. 

Gone are the days when you had to spend money one every idea you will test for the growth of your small business. 

What’s waiting for you inside the Ultimate Business Collaborators Guide? 

  • Definition of Collaboration: Understand what it means to be a great business collaborator
  • Pitch Practice: Learn how to make the perfect first impression, ALWAYS
  • BONUS! Email Pitch Template: A copy and paste template you can use to land your next collaborative partnership


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  • Printable Guide (15 Pages)
  • Color: Pink


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